Refresh your style with your community

armadioverde is the number 1 fashion recommerce startup in Italy

How it works

Pick up

We collect the clothes you no longer use, free of charge.

Get stars

In exchange for each quality item
you have sent in, we add “stars” to your armadioverde digital wallet

Guilt-free shopping

Choose from 2000 new items
sent by our members every day. Purchase items with your “stars” and Euros.

Bringing you sustainable fashion

armadioverde is a community where you can refresh your style sustainably.
Try an alternative to fast fashion: get the best exchange value for your clothes, make room in your wardrobe, and keep clothes out of landfill. We then give unsold stock to charity.

Our vision:

to provide an innovative, sustainable model of consumption, for communities and for the environment.

Our mission

+1Million exchanged garments

350K members

Growing 3X year-on-year

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